WWW Redirect and the Use of Subdomains

Redirecting requests from a non-preferred domain name is important because search engines consider URLs with and without "www." as two different websites. "www." is actually a subdomain of your main domain.

The recommended method is using a 301 redirect from adameveandapple.co.uk to www.adameveandapple.co.uk, although you could also redirect www.adameveandapple.co.uk to adameveandapple.co.uk, this decision is up to you and will not affect your SEO either way that you choose.

Tips for using subdomains:

  • Use good keywords for your subdomains, it might help you to rank higher. Example: http://GOOD-KEYWORD.adameveandapple.co.uk
  • Make sure to avoid duplicate content issues. Example: http://category1.adameveandapple.co.uk and http://www.adameveandapple.co.uk/category1 should not have similar content.