Optimize the Use of Splash Page

A splash page is an overlay page that appears on top of your website. It is used to show ads, an introduction to the website (flash animation usually), or improve conversion (example: requesting a subscription to a newsletter or selling a product). If its a user experience site such as gambling or online games it can be used to inform the user of what kind of web browser or software is best to get the most out of the site.

  • From a marketing standpoint, splash pages for conversion are great while splash pages to introduce a website are useless.
  • From a usability standpoint, spash pages are always boring for your visitors, so it is very important to make it interesting or give an option to immediately skip the page to your main site.

When you create a splash page, you should be sure that search engines don't crawl and index the content of your splash page instead of your main page. How do you do this?

Don't use a pop-up or a specific URL for your splash page, instead, use an Ajax overlay.

  • If your website is covering many countries, regions or cities, try to avoid splash pages by recognizing the visitor's location by their IP. Then, send them straight to the corresponding country, region, or city's page.
  • If your website is available in many languages, try to avoid splash pages by recognizing the visitor's browser's language. Then, send them straight to the corresponding language page.

Unless your business is well known or you are a content rich website, it is not a good practice to sell something on a splash page. If you want to show promo codes or special discounts it is best to give the users some time to browse through the site and use a pop up window to give those offers.