Measure the Results of Your SEO

1. Check the errors and recommendations in Google Webmaster Tools.This tool provides a lot of valuable information and tips about your website:

  • Crawl > Sitemaps: Here you should check that the number of URLs submitted is very close to the number of URLs indexed.
  • Search Traffic > Search Queries: This provides information on the keywords that bring in traffic to your site
  • Search Traffic > Links to Your Site: Check here to make sure this number is increasing.
  • Search Traffic > Internal Links: Check that this number is increasing (but limit your on-page links to 100).
  • Search Appearance > HTML Improvements: Here you can find all of the HTML suggestions that should be fixed.
  • Labs > Site Performance: Make sure your site speed is fast.

2. Monitor your backlinks with external tools

These tools provide the anchor text from your backlinks and the popularity (authority) of the websites linking to you. You should monitor this and strive to have a maximum of quality backlinks from high reputation websites/blogs with good keywords in their anchor text.

3. Analytics (Google Analytics or any other analytics software)

In your analytics, go to Traffic Sources > Search > Organic to monitor which traffic comes from search engines, excluding the visitors who found your site through paid advertising. Within this "Organic" segment, you will need to filter your keywords and exclude all the keywords related to your brand, because those visitors were already "looking" for you (with or without SEO).