How does Link Juice Work in Link Building?

Link Juice is the term used in the SEO world, to the power or quality passed to a side through an external site or internal page. This quality link is considered as a recommendation towards the link receiving site and is very important to determine the sites search ranking.

For example we take two websites, Site A and Site B. When all other ranking factors remain the same, if site A received 4 links and Site B only received 3 links site A will rank better, thats easy. But Link Juice come into play when the 4 sites also provides links to sites other than Site A, and the 3 sites only gives their links to only site B then site B will have more link juice than site A.

This is all very confusing but in simple terms if you receive links from quality websites that dont usually give links out then that link is valuable with a lot of link juice. And if you only have links from directory sites and other sites that do their business in selling links then its of no value. This requires SEO professionals to put in more time into building links than before and build up quality links to sites and soon these links selling businesses will go out of business.

When you get links from the following sites they come with a lot of link juice and very useful

  • Pages that have relevant and high quality content
  • Pages that have a high search engine ranking positions
  • Pages that have few outbound links than inbound links
  • Pages that have user-generated content
  • Pages that have high social media popularity