Building Links through Building Relationships

It is important to understand that link building is a long term process and it is even harder to get quality links. Building longterm relationships is the best way to get quality referral links to your website

When sending emails, you might be tempted to start with those with the highest PageRank or widest reach. However, you should start with those most relevant to your business industry as this will give you the highest chances for success. This will also help you build a lasting relationship that will earn you valuable links, mentions and citations in the future.

Don’t worry too much about starting slow, especially if this is one of your first link building campaigns. The relationships you’re forging will turn out to be more valuable than any individual link. Plus, ideally you’re building high-value links, so just a few can have big returns.

When sending your emails, avoid generic copy void of personality. Not only will personal touches help your conversion rates, but they will help avoid hurting your connection going forward, making it harder for you to build links in the future.