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GDPR compliance for Digital Marketing Company

GDPR compliance for websites

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which is legislation intro-duced by the European Union (EU) and will be enforced from May 25, 2018. The good news is that the new law is not very technical and they don’t need expen-sive lawyers to adopt.

Out dated SEO Techniques

Out dated SEO Techniques

There are many possible way we can improve your website search ranking, in these days there are many new developments available in search algorithms and other site to optimize our website ranking, however when we consider to practice some sort of outdated methods also harm your SEO search ranking.

Very simple & quick 5 tips to get more instagram ads for your online business

Very simple & quick 5 tips to get more instagram ads for your online business

Today world is fully covered by social media activities, major part of that played by the photo sharing application Instagram and has been a one of the most popular social media to-date. Nowadays the instagram is becoming a best online marketing tool for marketers, however it is famous among the marketers due to the actual fact it can be a personal engaging tool with the potential customers.

How to boost your e-commerce site search rankings

How to Boost Your E-commerce Site Search Rankings

Better ways to setting up your e-commerce SEO configuration and settings. In this part we should consider many things behind the processing of your e-commerce site search engine bots and reality online buyers. Make sure that those thing have you consider before.

How to optimizing video from youtube and google swift search

How to Optimizing Video From Youtube and Google Swift Search

When we starting to talk about Google, It is the pretty highest search engine to use everywhere, as far as when we taking about the YouTube also another great searching in behind the Google. It is the most accessible website in this current situation. Also known as that makes our work easier and provide expanded knowledge from the Google search.

5 important things a perfect Logo should have

5 Important Things a Perfect Logo Should Have

Once you stating a business or exchange the business, in order to you need to importantly consider the business LOGO. Today everything that has with logo with their own. Just take a look recognized brands logo around the world. Such as EBay, Tesla, Canon etc. the reason is they having maintain their unique products and business strategies and all with the unique image identity.

Importance of internal linking and the benefits it would bring to your website

Importance of Internal Linking and the Benefits it Would Bring to Your Website

It is the greatest opportunity to improve the technique we wonder about internal links, and how it is importance to our websites. When we consider the link building it is always changing in our new world business trend. Before discuss about this. We need to get idea about and take a good understanding to develop the greatest campaigns links building while we running a business online.

Best ways to discover your online competition

Best Ways to Discover Your Online Competition

One of the important to do consider while running any business today. Each business your search competition is complete active of sites competing for the equal search reflectivity as your specific domain. Search reflectivity mentions to how observable your website is in search engine outcomes.

100 Things Google Search Spiders Look For In a Website.jpg

100 Things Google Search Spiders Look For In a Website!

Google search engines, It is actually called as World Wide Web search engines. It is kind like invisible progress which is provide by Google. Before the Web became the most visible part of the Internet, there were already search engines in place to help people find information on the Net.

Importance of having stronger Link matrics

Importance of Having Stronger Link Matrics!

Before tanking about the topic, we will get an idea about what is it actually, then will consider why that is important. Basically Links matric means Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. We calculate this metric by combining all our other link metrics – linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank and all.

Link Juice

How does Link Juice Work in Link Building?

Link Juice is the term used in the SEO world, to the power or quality passed to a side through an external site or internal page. This quality link is considered as a recommendation towards the link receiving site and is very important to determine the sites search ranking.

Optimize the Use of Splash Page

Optimize the Use of Splash Page

A splash page is an overlay page that appears on top of your website. It is used to show ads, an introduction to the website (flash animation usually), or improve conversion (example: requesting a subscription to a newsletter or selling a product).

WWW Redirect and the Use of Subdomains

WWW Redirect and the Use of Subdomains

Resolving www redirects is key to the success of your SEO efforts, both url's with and without www must point to the same url otherwise search engines will treat both url's as two different sites and treat both sites as using copied content.

Measure SEO Results

Measure the Results of Your SEO

It is important that you take control of your SEO. Monitoring your SEO is just as important as the actual optimization. Here we are going to discuss several ways to monitor the quality of your SEO:

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